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'We Want Your Car' Campaigns help dealers source stock post-COVID19

'We Want Your Car' Campaigns help dealers source stock post-COVID19

Article published: 14 June 2020

It's not always what you do, but sometimes the way you do it. MB's We Want Your Car (WWYC) campaigns use our mb-smart-sms tech to engage your database customers and generate quality part exchange opportunities. Taking less than 72 hours to set up and to get your forecourts full again...

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13 May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week May 2021

To acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Week and to encourage positive mental health and well-being at MB House, we shared daily tips with our employees. Tips were based around planning work in advance, taking healthy breaks, sharing problems, trying a digital detox and making small changes which all have huge impacts. Mental Health Matters!

05 May 2021

New Challenges, New Mindset, New Marketing Strategy!

You’ve successfully survived showroom and forecourt closures, furloughed teams and global pandemics….and now you’re faced with heightened demands to embrace the accelerated customer journey with omnichannel marketing… Watch our video to learn about how we can help you. Partner with us to sculpt and deliver integrated marketing strategies together that attracts, engages and converts new customers, drives sales, improves ROI and enhances your brand across multiple channels…revolutionising your customers' experience! Start your journey with us and let’s outperform your competition together. 0114 244 6060.

22 April 2021

Mental Health Matters

We are delighted to announce that we have invested in a one-day Mental Health First Aid training session with an external provider, Fat Panda First Aid Training, so that our Mental Health First Aiders are fully equipped with best practice and techniques to fully support the mental health and well-being of staff in the workplace.