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March Update. Used car retargeting

March Update. Used car retargeting

Article published: 28 March 2019

Do you feel like your business is missing out on possible leads from your website? This month, we are excited to share some information on our Used Car Retargeting strategy.

This month, we are excited to share some information on our Used Car Retargeting strategy.

Do you feel like your business is missing out on possible leads from your website? When customers are in your dealership, you would always take some details and follow up with them later, so it can be frustrating knowing that a potential customer can visit your website without you being able to get in touch with them afterwards.

But that’s where our Used Car Retargeting strategy comes into play. For as little as 12p per click (significantly less than conquest PPC cost per click), you can direct a previous visitor back to your website with a targeted message, determined by what they have been looking at on your website. We know by looking at Google Analytics data that a returning visitor to your website is more likely to submit an enquiry than a first time visitor, so retargeting can deliver higher quality leads for your business. Plus, if a customer is spending time on your website, there’s a good chance they’re spending less time on a competitor website. And when we consider that nearly 60% of most customers’ car buying journey is spent researching and browsing online, it’s even more vital to keep customers coming back to your site.

Utilising our Used Car Retargeting strategy, you will be able to retarget customers using Facebook, Twitter and Google Display Network – and with such a broad range of channels, it’s very unlikely that web page visitors won’t see your ad again. You can also change the message that a customer sees, depending on the specific pages they have viewed whilst on your website – for example, a customer viewing used car pages would receive a used car message. With messages that are more specifically targeted to a customer’s preferences and previous page views, the likelihood of a return visit to your website is further increased. Plus, when using Facebook to retarget used car customers, they will be shown a live feed of available stock which is comparable to the car they have been viewing on your website – again, this highly personalised retargeting is more likely to pique a customer’s interest as they are being shown a message which is relevant to their needs and interests.

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