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MB's Showroom Priority Booking System Launched

MB's Showroom Priority Booking System Launched

Article published: 01 June 2020

MB's response to helping dealers adapt to life post COVID19 ; a digital appointment system integrating with any dealer website. The system allows customers to choose a safe and 'socially distant' appointment time to suit them linked to a diary system that the dealer can control availability in line with supply and demand, with one touch. Complete with automated appointment notifications to the customer and dealer. Simple to set up, highly effective. Visit this page and try it out for yourself......

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Enhance your brand across multiple channels

Partner with us to sculpt and deliver integrated marketing strategies together that attracts, engages and converts new customers, drives sales, improves ROI and enhances your brand across multiple channels…revolutionising your customers' experience! Start your journey with us and let’s outperform your competition together. 0114 244 6060.