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Car Dealer Showroom Events

The next generation showroom event is here

Our brand new mobile first design and data driven technology keeps you ahead of your sales targets and in front of the digital curve.

MB Event Platform V3 is the ultimate car showroom event experience letting your customers buy their next car from your showroom or the comfort of their own home meaning that you can run the whole of your event online or you can run it as a blended showroom/virtual event.

Here are just some the benefits of MB Events Platform V3:

Brand new mobile first design

With 80% of bookings made via a mobile V3 has evolved to align to the customers’ digital journey giving the perfect car showroom event experience.

Data driven events technology

V3 tracks customers’ behaviour and activity from all invitation channels converting and maximising more invitations into appointments and generating more sales.

V3 lets your customers secure appointments around the clock for greater convenience and maximum conversions because 64% of all engagement happens when dealerships are closed. 84% of customers prefer to book an online appointment themselves using smart one-touch technology making it easier for them to control their event experience.

Track and measure everything with live-time dashboard

V3 shows you the key metrics, data insights, number of cars sold and your virtual diary booking system during your event, maximising, and converting hot leads by 67%. With automatic email and SMS alerts to your appointed customers, you can truly maximise every opportunity from your database.

Attract conquest customers

V3 allows you to invite new customers to your event and integrates into any dealer website, giving you appointments and value for money.

Book your ultimate car showroom event from start to finish with V3.

What one of our client's has to say about V3

"This is the first time we have used the MB Event Platform across all our participating sites and we were genuinely pleased with the way the system worked, along with the dedication from the account team. We exceeded our already ambitious sales target by 12% in a market that is currently quite challenging. We're already planning the next event and look forward to working with our team at MB Advertising."

The MB Priority Appointment Booking System is built to help dealers sell more cars safely, during COVID-19. It helps to control showroom footfall by giving customers dedicated appointment slots for their visit and takes all the hard work away from dealers by allowing customers to register and choose a convenient appointment slot online.

The MB Loyalty Event, helping car dealers sell more than ever before

Our car dealer showroom event platform has been built so it fits hand in glove with your business. We have multiple creative options to suit every clients' requirements and the functionality is all designed to make the event as simple to engage with as possible for your sales teams. Leaving you to do what you do best, sell more cars

OUR VIP and Loyalty Events can help you sell more new cars, used cars, vans and bikes

Our car dealer showroom event platform is so successful that we achieve a 94% re-book rate. That means dealers enjoy such great results that they keep coming back year after year. Watch the video below to see what some of our clients had to say

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