Fully Automated Digital CRM Services

Customer Retention


Experts in developing a complete eCRM approach.

An effective CRM strategy delivered with automotive expertise and best practice can help keep your customers loyal, engaged and transacting with you all the way through the ownership cycle.

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Delivering engaging communications that work.

The power of personalisation, improving relevance and performance.

We send over 1.5 million automated CRM communications a month, which gives us a huge sample of automotive consumer data to base our best practice delivery upon. We know that better quality data equals more relevant personalisation. This in turn drives increased CRM engagement by over 100%. We work closely with our clients, analysing their data, to help them understand the gaps and how to improve data quality, which in turn increases their ROI from their CRM strategy.

Experienced in project planning and implementation.

It’s one thing mapping out a strategy and another thing entirely implementing it. Delivering a truly automated multi channel CRM programme on time requires a deep knowledge and experience of a wide selection of dealer management systems and multi channel marketing delivery. Our CRM team work alongside your internal resource to make the journey as smooth as possible, using our extensive knowledge to anticipate tricky technical problems and working together to solve them resulting in a successful launch of your CRM strategy on time every time.

Transparency of results and experts in refinement.

We know that visibility of output and measuring results is an essential part of refining your strategy all the way through the consumer journey. It is so important that we have built a bespoke customer facing CRM Dashboard that allows you to access your CRM results live-time at the touch of a button. You can get as granular as you want or just see the toplevel statistics, reported in a user friendly interface with live-time data.

"Thank You For Your Enquiry" -
Plug the holes in your enquiry bucket using our CRM expertise.

Most dealerships lose valuable sales opportunity because of holes in their sales process, valuable opportunities that have probably cost money to generate in the first place can be lost simply because they weren’t followed up properly.

We work with many of our clients to build triggered communications after initial enquiry to plug the hole in their lead management bucket, Our campaign expertise results in re-engaging up to 66% of dealership lost enquiries in a single month. If you would like to know more about how we do this then please get in touch with us today.

Service Plan Re-solicitation – Take a Second Bite of the Cherry.

Service plans are a great product that most customers want to hear about. The problem is they don’t always get to find out about them and that means potential lost revenue for the dealer, a potential issue around service retention as well as lost opportunity for your customer to spread the costs of their service.

We have been refining the delivery of our Service Plan CRM communications for several years, our expertise in delivering Service Plan Re-solicitation communications provides our clients with many instant online service plan quote requests that flow through to service reception or call centres on a daily basis. If you would like to know how we can help your business in this area please get in touch.

Warranty Renewals – Either as a Sales or Service Opportunity.

High CRM engagement with customers who are 3 years in to their customer lifecycle can be hard to achieve, however, best practice CRM is all about sending the right message at the right time delivered in the right way. We are bucking the trend with engagement at 3 years and have generated a 69% enquiry rate using Warranty Renewal Reminders as a sales or service opportunity. If you would like to know more email or call us now.

Service & MOT Reminders – Increase incoming Booking Requests by up to 110%.

We always get asked when is the best time to start sending out Service and MOT reminders. It seems most dealers want to start somewhere between 50 and 30 days out, the challenge with this approach is that it takes the control away from the customer as to when and how they get their reminder.

We have developed smart ways to engage customers in the vehicle maintenance cycle which lets them take control of how and when they receive their reminder. Our CRM system will then automatically deliver the reminder on the date requested, using the channel selected by the consumer, keeping you notified of all activity along the way so you can communicate with the customer at the most opportune moment. Want to know more about how we do this? Get in touch with us now.